Surf at La Union, Pangasinan

It was my first getaway this year, 2016. This out of town trip is also unsure but we pushed through. I’m really tired that time so I slept throughout the travel time. Kudos to my friend, Jeng. She’s the weakest! Hahaha. Lols!

We got to the resort 4-5 hours ahead of our check-in time. We had our breakfast there and then decided to roam around La Union and searched for cool spots.


Pagkain na lang ngayon ang may Puso – Tocilog of Sebay Surf

When we returned to resort, we waited more hours until the start of surfing around 4PM. It’s not my first time to surf, but still hard to do it again. Why? First, La Union waves are bigger than Baler. Second, the surfing board is a bit slippery. Third, I think I’m really not good at it. *Wink wink*.

Fortunately, not everyone has the mood to surf. My other friends just took their camera and took pictures of us while surfing. Yes! They saw us falling and making moves to hit the right spot not to fall. Great for remembrance.


Sunset and scenery pictures will always be present.




Ready. Set. Surf


What’s your Wave Story?


Walang Forever. Joke!

Thanks, guys! Hope this will not be our last. Cheers! 🙂





Luljuetta’s Hanging Garden, Antipolo

It was the last year 2015 when this resort caught my eye. It was a good place for relaxing and at the same time for couple’s “US” time. But because I’m a single independent woman (self proclaimed), I’m with my single friend too.

Jeng and her friends planned to go to Baler for a weekend trip (sabit ako). We’re so workaholic that time which led us to decide not to go and just create a new plan. So we end up at Luljuetta’s Hanging Garden. The famous spa for it’s view and packages.

It’s a random invite so we were not able to reserved earlier. We just informed the resort that we’re on our way and will avail the packages on the day. We booked GrabCar (thanks, Grab!) from Taguig to Antipolo, the fare was almost P500. Not bad don’t you think?


We availed their Hanging Garden’s Experience: Hanging Garden Retreat worth P1,100/each. The package is good for 5 hours inclusive of Access to Hanging Gardens Facilities (Locker, Sauna, Dr. Fish Spa, Heated Jacuzzi, Hydro-massage Pool, Infinity Pools, Meditation Lounges), traditional bathrobe (batik) and towel for your use and snacks of Lemongrass Tea and Antipolo’s Best Suman. Good choice to pamper ourselves.

Say hi to my friend, Jeng.

What I don’t like about our stay is that they don’t have a process on where to go next or what to do next. We just have to show our receipt to another receptionist. Then she will let us know where to proceed.

Anyway, let me show you some of the photos Jeng took for me. She’s a good photographer. And I am a good friend. 🙂

Overall, it was a great experience but a little pricey. We also availed their signature massage for P750/each on top of our package. Because, why not? Lols.

For our free snacks? Antipolo’s best suman and lemon grass tea. We just ordered a pasta to try on.

With our hearts pounding,  we were lucky to book GrabCar again from Antipolo.

You can visit their website at:

Thank you travel and food buddy, Jeng. Till the next adventure with Jenggita.



A Day with U! Happy Events

Have anyone heard about “U! HappyEvents”? Probably some of you are familiar and not. When you searched them on Google, results will give you information that they are a non-profit organization which gives anyone a chance to volunteer in sponsoring an event for beneficiaries here in the Philippines.

I heard of them a long time ago and I’m really interested to have a chance to participate in any of their activities. So when my friend, Jeng, opens up about her plans to become a photographer in one of their events, I grabbed the opportunity to go with her and experience a day with U! Happy Events.

My first experience will be held at Payatas, together with the Sparrow Music kids. Let me share with you some of our photos as we facilitate and join the Face Painting Workshop with Kuya Eric (the face-painter).


Things needed for Face Painting

We had games first before the Face Painting starts.


My groupmates – The Sailor Kitty (They love Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty)


After making different poses. We can now start the Face Painting.


Me doing the Minion Face Painting



It’s giving and take so…


Our Minion Faces



He is Kuya Eric and our birthday sponsor, Kuya Romeo.


Look at my masterpiece. Hahaha!


Cool dragon bro.


After the agenda, we were surprised that the Sparrow Music kids organized a number for us, volunteers and sponsors. They are really sweet.


The kid in a yellow shirt came from the hospital because of an accident. But look how happy he is when he started singing


Ate is really talented.


U! Happy Events Team, Sponsors, and Volunteers



Thank you Kuya Romeo and friends!

I am so overwhelmed that there are some organizations who are offering their hands to help the needy community. I hope there are more hearts same as Kuya Romeo, who are extending their help in any way they can. Someday, I’ll be able to create my own event.

Some photos are grabbed from U! Happy Events.


Banawe: Love Desserts

Looking for unlimited desserts?  Are you having sweet tooth?

Love Desserts is what you’re looking for. As their name says, they offer love through desserts.

My first try in this restaurant was way back in college, which is almost 5 years ago. And that was the year Love Desserts was established. They became famous because of their buffet dessert for just P199. They were the first one who offers this kind of treats in the Philippines. And this year when I visited their restaurant at Banawe, I was surprised that they haven’t changed their price and their interior is better than before.


Love Desserts’ Logo


Look at those colorful glass bottles


Crepe + Cookies + Ice Cream


Cakes + Fruits




For Saging con Yelo and Halo-halo




Look at that Ice Cream


The two girls in white are my date for today




Quotable quotes


What I enjoyed the most are the ice creams and halo-halo. Hello, tonsilitis! 🙂

There are two branches of Love Desserts: Banawe and Fairview. Just so you know.



Baguio: City of Pines


I went to Baguio last year to celebrate my 23rd birthday, together with my family.I always value this kind of experience. But before that, I am always assigned to do the research, planning, and booking. It’s good to have blogs, reviews, and itineraries online. It helps a lot.

Here are the places we’ve been for our 2D/1N Baguio trip.


Kennon Road View

red roses

Bought roses before going to the Lourdes Grotto


Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto


Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad Benguet


Group picture with the locals at Baguio Botanical Garden


Our Family picture as Ifugaos


Having a kulitan with my sister and papa


Bell Church


Amazing view of the Bell Church


Say hello to different horses at Wright Park


Sophisticated arts at Tam-Awan Heritage Village


PMA building


While strolling at PMA site


Relics Point at Camp John Hay


Bamboo Exhibits at the White House’ Entrance


White Laperal House – “The Haunted house”


Burnham Park


Who doesn’t excites at Night Market?


The Mansion


PMA Museum


Mines View


Entrance of 50’s Diner


50’s Diner – I love their Tapsilog


Strawberry Ice Cream


Epic Strawberry Taho

So how did we manage to visit them all given the short period of time? Oh well. Let me share with you my created itinerary.


Looking forward to this year’s family trip. Will definitely go back for the BENCAB Museum.



Pundaquit Beach Hopping: Anawangin, Capones, Camara & Nagsasa Cove


It’s May 2015 and it’s Laboracay time.

I felt bad for not good at catching Promo Seat Sales of Cebu Pacific, AirAsia or PAL. So I end up creating our own Labor Day trip at Zambales. Making it our “LaZambales”. Sounds weird.

After this trip, I will be starting my second job in a new company. So I really have to make the most out of it before my butt aches for sitting too long and backaches for too much slouching.

Thanks to internet and blogs, I was able to search for a chill place where no network connection and wifi are available. All you have to do is chat and make friends.

I am also recommending this place for an affordable quick getaway with your family or friends. This province is known for many islands nearby. As I am searching for a great itinerary, I found these travel and tour from Facebook which offers almost everything for the whole trip (inclusive of transportation, boat transfers, tents, bonfire, water and the most precious, foods) for only P1,200.00. What a great deal right? You may visit their page here: Anawangin – Nagsasa Travel and Tour Package.


The view in San Antonio before we depart


Our boat doesn’t have a roof. So hello sun!

The plan is to have the four islands included on our trip. We are a total of 3, so we got the boat only for our group.

First stop: Capones




Clear skies and water


Snorkeling is offered here. But we were not able to try because of lack of gears. Some from our tour group is enjoying it too much. We don’t wanna ruin our trip, so after an hour of staying under the sun and enjoying the beach, we proceed immediately at Capones Lighthouse.


Capones Lighthouse

We need to “trek” for about 15-20 minutes before reaching the top of the lighthouse. It’s very hot but when you get to the top, you’ll appreciate the place’s view.

Next stop? Nagsasa Cove.


Nagsasa Cove

We decided to proceed to Nagsasa Cove for our lunch and just visit the other islands the next day. Nagsasa Cove is so beautiful. So attractive. It’s not yet crowded, unlike Anawangin. So hooray for this good place to stay.

After having our lunch, we have to start building our own tent. And because we don’t have internet, we have to ask for one of the Manong’s help to build it for us. We can’t survive without them.


The kapitbahays

What to do in this place? Stroll, explore and eat! There are lots of meriendas such as Halo-Halo and Banana Con Yelo vendors in front.


Best game ever: Monopoly Card Game

What’s a beach without the sunset?

We had a hard time sleeping at night. It was really hot. So we took the mat and just stay at beachfront.

Oh, by the way, a bonfire is also available upon request.

Hello to beer and smores ♥


Graham + Marshmallow + Bonfire = Heaven

The next day,  woke up early and take our morning trek.

Look at our fascinating view.


Good morning beach!


Trekking and it’s worth it


A hidden paradise


God is an artist

After our trek, we packed our things and went to Anawangin. Anawangin is a bit populated and most of the tourists stay there for overnight.




We just stroll for a half an hour and transfer to Camara Island, our planned last stop.


Camara Island

Camara Island is full of reefs and a bit rocky. We can’t enjoy the place given that we still have time to swim. So we requested Manong Mario, our bangkero, if we could go back to Capones Island before we head home. Because it is the where we enjoyed swimming (promise!). He approved but we need to pay extra which we did.

Our LaZambales trip is very exhausting but so far amazing. Who would have thought that we could still live without phones for text messaging and internet? All we have to do is open our eyes and be thankful for everything we see and experience. I truly hope that the tourists and locals will keep the islands clean.

Thank you, friends!


I, Bea and JP


Zamboanga: Asia’s Latin City


One of my greatest wishes was granted last April 2015. And that is to spend some days and nights with my family at Mindanao. Have to meet and greet my siblings on my father side and also visit my grandmother and other relatives. What’s great about this trip is the exploration of the city in a short time. But I have to admit it, I really enjoyed it. Including their “exotic” foods.

Zamboanga is a beautiful place, despite the fact that there is news about the crime incidents in the city. When I got there, the province is peaceful and calm. You could see smiles from Zamboangueños and how simple their living is.

Here are the places I visited and their must-try foods.


Climaco Freedom Park




The way of the Cross, Abong-Abong


Paseo Del Mar


Fort Pilar


Zamboanga Golf Course and Beach Park


Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Concepcion


Butterfly Garden


Jardin Maria Clara


Pasonanca Park


Satti (Spicy Dish) – Highly recommended


Curacha – Zamboanga’s Crab


Knicker Bucker  (Mixed fruits) – Famous dessert

1531555_10153137420284583_5844349924327998496_n (1)

Pastil – Mini empanada with pancit

One of the best beaches I’ve seen so far is The Great Santa Cruz Island. Why? This mini island is rare for its unspoiled pink sand. All tourists or locals who would like to visit these beach is accompanied by an army. The boat rental is P1000.00 and is maximum of 10 persons. Hope the government will preserve this beautiful island.


Zamboanga was known for its 2013 MNLF attack. Wherein these armed group clashes which resulted in a number of wounded people. And some also were being held, hostage.

Below are the photos I captured that let me realize how people felt at that time.


Zamboanga is a great place. And I hope everyone would be able to see it despite the tragic. I have a high respect for their culture and beliefs. Zamboangueños are such a great people. I love how they value their home and community.  I hope to see the places again the next time I’ll be visiting this city.

So before his post ends, I haven’t mentioned the main reason for my stay – FAMILY.I miss them already. If only I have a lot of money and travel perks, I’ll be visiting them every now and then. Being with them let me realize how lucky I am to have them in my life despite our conflicts. Cheesy! ♥


Kisses to my family for being my tour guide! See you all next time! ♥



Throwback: SHP Bibimbab Cafe & Restaurant

SHP Bibimbab Cafe & Restaurant is a well known Korean food place in Malate, Manila… and their giant teddy bears.

As you enter the cafe, the crew will greet you “Anneong Haseyo”. And you will have to search for your own comfy place. The place is spacious and has lots of stuff toys.

I am with my sister, Betina. It would not be good to go to this place alone. I might talk to the bears and people would judge me. 😉

Below are some of our pictures.

Our foods.

And me! 🙂


I just wanna share with you my photos. That’s it! No hate just love.


Tacloban City Tour

On our last day at Leyte, we planned to have a half day Tacloban City Tour. We all know how typhoon “Yolanda” damages the whole province. But after two years, I can still see some establishments which are not yet fixed. I’m still praying and hoping for their fast recovery.

Anyway, we scheduled our trip before lunch, for us to have more time to take on tours. Below are the photos of the places we visited.

Thank you Eastern Visayas for a safe trip. The people are very proud of their place and very accommodating. Please preserve your historical places, beautiful islands, and a great town. The Philippines is such a wonderful place and Leyte is one of the best discovery.

To my friends who traveled with me, cheers for our friendship and more discovery!


Exploring Sambawan Island


Sambawan Island is an undiscovered island, located at Maripipi. It was one of the best islands I’ve ever seen. It was a paradise -an escape from the city’s pollution. This place is really A W E S O M E!

The night before our island trip, I contacted Ms. Suzette, our tour guide, about the resort’s conflict on their boat transfers. Luckily, she was able to search for a private boat, which is from another resort beside Agta. From Agta beach resort, we have to traveled 45mins-1hour, depending on waves.


When we got there, we were amazed how beautiful and magnificent the island was. The clear crystal water is cold. Thou there are small pinworms that cause itchiness why we were not able to enjoy the beach so well. The sand are made of small corals.


The place is not crowded. Which I think is a good thing! According to Ms. Suzette, tourists go there mostly in Summer. And our time is just right.

See our creative shots!


Sambawan didn’t let us leave without leaving its mark. We were asked to hike for minutes in order to see the full view of the island. Why not? Seeing the scene in person is better than the photos from the internet.


After reaching its top, all we could say is “WOW”. The scenery is breathtaking. We could see clearly the island and rock formations. Everything was perfect. If only I could share this moment with my partner (Kiddin’. Lols!)


What a great panoramic view. I’m falling in love with this island. ❤

Note: Sambawan is open for different activities like snorkeling, camping, and diving.