Instagram account: @journeyofmissb


I have been into photography lately. And I wasn’t expecting that I will be creating different account from my personal to artsy stuffs. I am really having fun taking pictures of nature, skies, beaches and random stuffs, and this time I decided to pursue my career in photography.

I am a fun of travel and food bloggers here in my country. Taking pictures before eating. Getting the right angles. Shoot and import in VSCO application and publish photos in Instagram. I even uploaded same photos to Facebook. Which I think doesn’t make sense. After all, I’m having the same followers of the applications.

And now, I’m setting my goals in preparing myself into the next level. Keeping some photos to myself. Separating my social life to the private one. One of my step is creating this Instagram account without other people knowing it’s mine (Except the readers of this blog). No judgement. All I have to do is enjoy the scenery and arts with my camera.

Most of my photos were taken from my IPhone 6. It’s my first time to use IOS. All this time I’m into Android (because of movies and games). And this phone let my inner passion in photography shows. Having no idea and proper training with auto-exposure, techniques and light stuffs. And now, I’m challenging myself to take this to the next level. Hooray! Goodluck to me.  🙂



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