Retrospective: August 2015



  1. Maginhawa Foodtrip
  2. NSTG Offsite at Laguna
  3. BF Homes Paranaque Foodtrip
  4. Used my free trial at 360 Fitness
  5. Participated in Blood Donation
  6. Volunteered in U!HappyEvents
  7. First Year College Reunion
  8. Attended HPCup2015
  9. Leyte Trip with High School friends


  1. Get Fit and Fab

I promise to enroll again on gym, probably 360 Fitness. Or just continue my boxing lessons at Army gym. Hopefully, I can manage my time this time. Pinky promise!

2. Volunteer more

I’m thinking of new ways on how to help the needy people besides volunteering in our company’s outreach program and U!HappyEvents. Hmmm.. And also, I think I’ve been very active in my team’s activities lately that comes to the point that I don’t know what to do first.

3. Time and money management

Recently, Calendar and Notes applications are my paper and planner. What are the things I needed to buy, blog, where and when events, etc. I’ve been poor in budgeting for years, and I’m hoping to make it this quarter.

I know, I already had too much social life. Friends from high school, college, recent company and now, in my current job. For the first time, I always felt tired. I’m starting to feel exhausted. I still don’t have the courage to say “No”, when I have to.

I’ve been too busy to other people that I can’t give time to my family. I realized that whenever I went home, I proceed immediately to my room and sleep. I wasn’t able to make time for them. I’ll try to surprise them on their birthdays this month.

4. Save more to travel more

Honestly, I’m noob in saving money. All I have to do is check my money then go on a trip. And yes, it’s a bit headache after. Surprisingly, I can still manage my money (Thanks to CC). And I’m scared to have big debts on using credit cards. Wohoo!

Thank you August 2015!



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