Canyoning in Biliran


Biliran is an island province in Eastern Visayas which was a sub-province of Leyte before.


From Manila, we booked a flight from Cebu Pacific going to Tacloban (DZR Airport). We rode a van going to Downtown, where terminal of vans are. They have vans routing to Naval, the capital of Biliran Province, every hour.


Beforehand, we already reserved a room on Agta Beach Resort. They have multi-cab that can fetch you on Naval. You just have to contact them when you are already leaving Downtown.


I’d read reviews from different sites and directed me to one of the adventure that you can do in Biliran, the canyoning. After several readings, I learned that there is only one group that offers Canyoning in Biliran, the Trexplore Adventures. We availed their half day canyoning, due to lack of time.

From Agta Beach resort, we rode motorcycles (which is c/o Trexplore) going to Almeria, where our jumpoff will start. We started at 1PM and went home too late. They told us that the activity ended usually at 5PM. And it was their first time to head back late.

My friends and I were really scared. But we have no choice but to continue walking for us to get back. Snakes were crawling while we were trying to be brave. I’m trying to be fearless and starting to pray  at that time. And thank God, we were all safe. We went back as late as 8PM (Imagine how dark and creepy the place is).

I really felt sorry for my friends. I don’t know what to do if anyone will get hurt because of those poisonous snakes (I’m still thinking how many snakes were there).

That adventure became the highlight of our trip. Lesson learned! Not all adventures are fun. Hahahaha! But after all, we felt strong. Maybe.

Thank you Trexplore Adventures!



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