Exploring Sambawan Island


Sambawan Island is an undiscovered island, located at Maripipi. It was one of the best islands I’ve ever seen. It was a paradise -an escape from the city’s pollution. This place is really A W E S O M E!

The night before our island trip, I contacted Ms. Suzette, our tour guide, about the resort’s conflict on their boat transfers. Luckily, she was able to search for a private boat, which is from another resort beside Agta. From Agta beach resort, we have to traveled 45mins-1hour, depending on waves.


When we got there, we were amazed how beautiful and magnificent the island was. The clear crystal water is cold. Thou there are small pinworms that cause itchiness why we were not able to enjoy the beach so well. The sand are made of small corals.


The place is not crowded. Which I think is a good thing! According to Ms. Suzette, tourists go there mostly in Summer. And our time is just right.

See our creative shots!


Sambawan didn’t let us leave without leaving its mark. We were asked to hike for minutes in order to see the full view of the island. Why not? Seeing the scene in person is better than the photos from the internet.


After reaching its top, all we could say is “WOW”. The scenery is breathtaking. We could see clearly the island and rock formations. Everything was perfect. If only I could share this moment with my partner (Kiddin’. Lols!)


What a great panoramic view. I’m falling in love with this island. ❤

Note: Sambawan is open for different activities like snorkeling, camping, and diving.



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