Zamboanga: Asia’s Latin City


One of my greatest wishes was granted last April 2015. And that is to spend some days and nights with my family at Mindanao. Have to meet and greet my siblings on my father side and also visit my grandmother and other relatives. What’s great about this trip is the exploration of the city in a short time. But I have to admit it, I really enjoyed it. Including their “exotic” foods.

Zamboanga is a beautiful place, despite the fact that there is news about the crime incidents in the city. When I got there, the province is peaceful and calm. You could see smiles from Zamboangueños and how simple their living is.

Here are the places I visited and their must-try foods.


Climaco Freedom Park




The way of the Cross, Abong-Abong


Paseo Del Mar


Fort Pilar


Zamboanga Golf Course and Beach Park


Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Concepcion


Butterfly Garden


Jardin Maria Clara


Pasonanca Park


Satti (Spicy Dish) – Highly recommended


Curacha – Zamboanga’s Crab


Knicker Bucker  (Mixed fruits) – Famous dessert

1531555_10153137420284583_5844349924327998496_n (1)

Pastil – Mini empanada with pancit

One of the best beaches I’ve seen so far is The Great Santa Cruz Island. Why? This mini island is rare for its unspoiled pink sand. All tourists or locals who would like to visit these beach is accompanied by an army. The boat rental is P1000.00 and is maximum of 10 persons. Hope the government will preserve this beautiful island.


Zamboanga was known for its 2013 MNLF attack. Wherein these armed group clashes which resulted in a number of wounded people. And some also were being held, hostage.

Below are the photos I captured that let me realize how people felt at that time.


Zamboanga is a great place. And I hope everyone would be able to see it despite the tragic. I have a high respect for their culture and beliefs. Zamboangueños are such a great people. I love how they value their home and community.  I hope to see the places again the next time I’ll be visiting this city.

So before his post ends, I haven’t mentioned the main reason for my stay – FAMILY.I miss them already. If only I have a lot of money and travel perks, I’ll be visiting them every now and then. Being with them let me realize how lucky I am to have them in my life despite our conflicts. Cheesy! ♥


Kisses to my family for being my tour guide! See you all next time! ♥




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