Pundaquit Beach Hopping: Anawangin, Capones, Camara & Nagsasa Cove


It’s May 2015 and it’s Laboracay time.

I felt bad for not good at catching Promo Seat Sales of Cebu Pacific, AirAsia or PAL. So I end up creating our own Labor Day trip at Zambales. Making it our “LaZambales”. Sounds weird.

After this trip, I will be starting my second job in a new company. So I really have to make the most out of it before my butt aches for sitting too long and backaches for too much slouching.

Thanks to internet and blogs, I was able to search for a chill place where no network connection and wifi are available. All you have to do is chat and make friends.

I am also recommending this place for an affordable quick getaway with your family or friends. This province is known for many islands nearby. As I am searching for a great itinerary, I found these travel and tour from Facebook which offers almost everything for the whole trip (inclusive of transportation, boat transfers, tents, bonfire, water and the most precious, foods) for only P1,200.00. What a great deal right? You may visit their page here: Anawangin – Nagsasa Travel and Tour Package.


The view in San Antonio before we depart


Our boat doesn’t have a roof. So hello sun!

The plan is to have the four islands included on our trip. We are a total of 3, so we got the boat only for our group.

First stop: Capones




Clear skies and water


Snorkeling is offered here. But we were not able to try because of lack of gears. Some from our tour group is enjoying it too much. We don’t wanna ruin our trip, so after an hour of staying under the sun and enjoying the beach, we proceed immediately at Capones Lighthouse.


Capones Lighthouse

We need to “trek” for about 15-20 minutes before reaching the top of the lighthouse. It’s very hot but when you get to the top, you’ll appreciate the place’s view.

Next stop? Nagsasa Cove.


Nagsasa Cove

We decided to proceed to Nagsasa Cove for our lunch and just visit the other islands the next day. Nagsasa Cove is so beautiful. So attractive. It’s not yet crowded, unlike Anawangin. So hooray for this good place to stay.

After having our lunch, we have to start building our own tent. And because we don’t have internet, we have to ask for one of the Manong’s help to build it for us. We can’t survive without them.


The kapitbahays

What to do in this place? Stroll, explore and eat! There are lots of meriendas such as Halo-Halo and Banana Con Yelo vendors in front.


Best game ever: Monopoly Card Game

What’s a beach without the sunset?

We had a hard time sleeping at night. It was really hot. So we took the mat and just stay at beachfront.

Oh, by the way, a bonfire is also available upon request.

Hello to beer and smores ♥


Graham + Marshmallow + Bonfire = Heaven

The next day,  woke up early and take our morning trek.

Look at our fascinating view.


Good morning beach!


Trekking and it’s worth it


A hidden paradise


God is an artist

After our trek, we packed our things and went to Anawangin. Anawangin is a bit populated and most of the tourists stay there for overnight.




We just stroll for a half an hour and transfer to Camara Island, our planned last stop.


Camara Island

Camara Island is full of reefs and a bit rocky. We can’t enjoy the place given that we still have time to swim. So we requested Manong Mario, our bangkero, if we could go back to Capones Island before we head home. Because it is the where we enjoyed swimming (promise!). He approved but we need to pay extra which we did.

Our LaZambales trip is very exhausting but so far amazing. Who would have thought that we could still live without phones for text messaging and internet? All we have to do is open our eyes and be thankful for everything we see and experience. I truly hope that the tourists and locals will keep the islands clean.

Thank you, friends!


I, Bea and JP



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