A Day with U! Happy Events

Have anyone heard about “U! HappyEvents”? Probably some of you are familiar and not. When you searched them on Google, results will give you information that they are a non-profit organization which gives anyone a chance to volunteer in sponsoring an event for beneficiaries here in the Philippines.

I heard of them a long time ago and I’m really interested to have a chance to participate in any of their activities. So when my friend, Jeng, opens up about her plans to become a photographer in one of their events, I grabbed the opportunity to go with her and experience a day with U! Happy Events.

My first experience will be held at Payatas, together with the Sparrow Music kids. Let me share with you some of our photos as we facilitate and join the Face Painting Workshop with Kuya Eric (the face-painter).


Things needed for Face Painting

We had games first before the Face Painting starts.


My groupmates – The Sailor Kitty (They love Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty)


After making different poses. We can now start the Face Painting.


Me doing the Minion Face Painting



It’s giving and take so…


Our Minion Faces



He is Kuya Eric and our birthday sponsor, Kuya Romeo.


Look at my masterpiece. Hahaha!


Cool dragon bro.


After the agenda, we were surprised that the Sparrow Music kids organized a number for us, volunteers and sponsors. They are really sweet.


The kid in a yellow shirt came from the hospital because of an accident. But look how happy he is when he started singing


Ate is really talented.


U! Happy Events Team, Sponsors, and Volunteers



Thank you Kuya Romeo and friends!

I am so overwhelmed that there are some organizations who are offering their hands to help the needy community. I hope there are more hearts same as Kuya Romeo, who are extending their help in any way they can. Someday, I’ll be able to create my own event.

Some photos are grabbed from U! Happy Events.



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