Surf at La Union, Pangasinan

It was my first getaway this year, 2016. This out of town trip is also unsure but we pushed through. I’m really tired that time so I slept throughout the travel time. Kudos to my friend, Jeng. She’s the weakest! Hahaha. Lols!

We got to the resort 4-5 hours ahead of our check-in time. We had our breakfast there and then decided to roam around La Union and searched for cool spots.


Pagkain na lang ngayon ang may Puso – Tocilog of Sebay Surf

When we returned to resort, we waited more hours until the start of surfing around 4PM. It’s not my first time to surf, but still hard to do it again. Why? First, La Union waves are bigger than Baler. Second, the surfing board is a bit slippery. Third, I think I’m really not good at it. *Wink wink*.

Fortunately, not everyone has the mood to surf. My other friends just took their camera and took pictures of us while surfing. Yes! They saw us falling and making moves to hit the right spot not to fall. Great for remembrance.


Sunset and scenery pictures will always be present.




Ready. Set. Surf


What’s your Wave Story?


Walang Forever. Joke!

Thanks, guys! Hope this will not be our last. Cheers! 🙂






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